BATMAN 3 to Be Titled THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Won’t Be in 3D; The Riddler Won’t Be the Villain

     October 27, 2010


After the vague/obvious news that the third Batman movie was looking for a female lead, would you like some real news about the Caped Crusader’s next big screen adventure?  How about three pieces of real news?  Director Christopher Nolan has spilled some revelations to Hero Complex about the upcoming film.  First up, the next Batman movie will be titled The Dark Knight Rises.  Personally, I think that’s a fine title, although I know I’ll have to catch myself from writing The Dark Knight Returns (which is the title of Frank Miller’s classic Batman tale)  It also hints that the third movie will have some kind of redemption for Bats after (spoiler alert) falling from grace in the eyes of Gotham at the end of the second movie.

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Nolan also tells Hero Complex that The Riddler will not be the villain in the third film.  When Nolan eliminated Mr. Freeze from the running, it wasn’t a big surprise, but The Riddler is a character who seemed to fit fairly well into Nolan’s reality-based Gotham.  There have been reports that Killer Croc may be the villain, but that rumor came from Mark “in-no-way-trustworthy” Millar.  But speaking of rumors, it now looks like we can put down the one about Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Riddler.  As we previously reported, Tom Hardy has joined the cast, but it’s in an unspecified role.  Given Hardy’s versatility, it’s tough to peg him as any single character from the comics.

Finally, Nolan confirms what we already suspected: the film won’t be in 3D.  Cinematographer Wally Pfister shares Nolan’s lack of enthusiasm for the technology.  However, they’re both fans of IMAX and will “…instead use high-definition approaches and IMAX cameras to strike out on a different cinematic path…”  Nolan filmed the intro of the Dark Knight in IMAX.  Does this mean he’s going to film all of The Dark Knight Rises with IMAX cameras?  The cameras are known for being loud and unwieldy, but perhaps the technology has come far enough that he can get them to do what he needs.

The Dark Knight Rises is slated to hit theaters on July 20, 2012.


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