‘Batman Ninja’ Anime Trailer Arrives in a Cloud of Smoke and Chaos

     December 1, 2017


We previously reported that an anime by the name of Batman Ninja would be arriving both in Japanese theaters and on Blu-ray/DVD thanks to a collaboration between Warner Bros. Japan and DC Entertainment, but the first trailer for the film is available now. And it’s (un)predictably insane. Some of this footage was previously screened during New York Comic Con and a description of the visuals made its way online, but those words pale in comparison to the act of viewing the thing itself.

Directed by Jumpei Mizusaki, the movie sees Batman and his cohorts traveling back in time to medieval Japan. Writer Kazuki Nakashima and character designer Takashi Okazaki have crafted an incredibly unique and bold take on the beloved character of Batman, so we’ll see how well its received by fans worldwide. Other characters in attendance in Batman Ninja will be the Joker, Nightwing, Robin, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and Gorilla Grodd, all in exaggerated versions that befit the bizarre setting of this film; you can glimpse most of them in the first trailer.

Starring Koichi Yamadera as Batman, Wataru Takagi as The Joker, Ai Kakuma as Catwoman, and Rie Kugimiya as Harley Quinn, Batman Ninja is due out on Blu-ray/DVD next year.

Check out the first trailer for Batman Ninja below:

From Japan, to the World The most extraordinary entertainment! “Batman Ninja” In Japan Cinemas 2018


Director: Jumpei Mizusaki
Screenplay: Kazuki Nakashima
Character Design: Takashi Okazaki
Music by: Yugo Kanno
Animation Production: Kamikaze Douga

Oh! What’s this? A bonus trailer, which is the one screened at New York Comic-Con:

Now I mentioned the Japanese cast above, but an English voice cast will be dubbing the anime for the eventual home video release. The actors have yet to be announced except for a curious tease: Some familiar voices from previous Batman animated efforts will be involved and the initials of the actor voicing the Joker will be … T.H.

Make your best guesses/wishes and feel free to share them in the comments!


Image via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


Image via Warner Bros.


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