Zack Snyder Continues Trolling the Internet with New Batman STAR WARS Image

     August 4, 2014


While director Zack Snyder is no doubt extremely busy while he’s in the midst of production on the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it appears that he still has time to toy with the internet.  A couple of weeks ago during Comic-Con, Snyder put together an image of Henry Cavill dressed like a Jedi and shared it on Twitter with the caption “SuperJedi”.  The pic was presumably just Snyder having some fun, as all of the Batman v Superman actors have to wear those robes to set to avoid being snapped by onlookers; Snyder apparently thought Cavill looked a bit like a Jedi.  It appears that Snyder’s Star Wars fascination isn’t over yet, though, as today he went ahead and put up a Batman Star Wars image captioned “Batman & R2bin”.

Hit the jump to check out the cheeky image, and for real BvS news, check out the first Wonder Woman image and our full Comic-Con panel recapBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on May 6, 2016.

The question remains whether Snyder is just having some fun or if there’s a larger wink at work with these Star Wars mash-ups.  Snyder was previously linked to a potential Star Wars spinoff movie a few years ago, but he’s tied up in the DC Universe for some time as he’s poised to shoot Justice League directly after Batman v Superman.  What’s most likely is that Snyder is just a big Star Wars fan and understands that the internet is paying close attention to anything and everything SW-related.  I say again, well played Mr. Snyder.

This particular image at first looks to be an elaborately staged set piece, but a subsequent image from the BvS set photographer reveals how Synder actually put the photo together.




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