‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Is Coming to Blu-ray

     October 9, 2017

batman-the-animated-series-sliceBatman: The Animated Series is a gorgeous series. Bruce Timm’s art style is rich and lush, drawing you in with art-deco style visuals that compliment a Batman story that always feels contemporary. The show came out in the early 90s, and while it received DVDs during the format’s boom in the early 2000s, it’s now pretty hard to find, although the entire series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. But if you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription or if you missed out on the DVDs, it’s a show that can be tough to track down.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has realized just how popular the show is, and they’re giving it the Blu-ray treatment. At New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced that they’ll be releasing the entire series on Blu-ray in 2018. There were no further details on what the Blu-ray set will encompass, if there will be any new special features, or if the Blu-ray will come with a digital copy of all the episodes. But just Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray is enough to sell me on buying this whole series again.

If you’re not familiar with Batman: The Animated Series, the show ran from 1992-1995 and contained 85 episodes plus two feature-length movies: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (no word if either of these will be included in the box set). As I’ve argued in the past, it’s the best adaptation of Batman, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely make time to check it out. If you’re looking for episodes to start, I recommend “Two-Face”, “Perchance to Dream”, “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?”, “Tyger Tyger”, and “The Man Who Killed Batman.”

Hopefully we’ll get details soon about what the Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray set contains and when exactly in 2018 we can expect to see it.