Rumor: BATMAN Trilogy in the Works; Ben Affleck May Score “Golden Deal”

     August 8, 2015


The rumor that Ben Affleck is directing the Batman standalone movie started circulating back in June and then just a couple of weeks later, we got a more concrete report claiming that he’s also working on the screenplay with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, but Warner Bros. has still yet to confirm any of it. Regardless, another rumor regarding Affleck’s involvement has cropped up and if it’s true, Affleck will be very busy with Batman movies for years to come.

According to Den of Geek, a “near finished” but “not locked” cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was screened for the film’s crew and the higher-ups at Warner Bros. and it went over so well that the film earned a standing ovation. On top of that, the studio was so impressed with Affleck’s work in the movie that they’re looking to extend his deal. Instead of one Batman solo movie, Warner Bros. now wants a whole trilogy of stand-alone films. Here’s what Den of Geek’s industry source told them:

“Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman.”


Image via Warner Bros.

Backtracking a bit, hearing that this private screening went over so well gives me hope that Zack Snyder and co. really managed to pull this off. No, it isn’t a test screening and the folks involved in the film likely have biases, but if they’re excited about what Snyder did with their hard work, that’s got to bode well for the final cut. Plus, if Warner Bros. is willing to give Affleck what Den of Geek’s source dubs a “golden deal,” he just has to have delivered a remarkable performance. On top of that, I’d like to think that Affleck knows what he’s doing. He’s got to have confidence in himself and the studio if he’s considering committing himself to this franchise for what could amount to 10 years.

But, of course, keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed by Warner Bros. The studio did just shift the release dates of The Accountant and Live by Night so that could be a sign that they want to tailor Affleck’s schedule for Batman, however, The Accountant has already been shot and even if Live by Night’s start date is delayed, it’s still possible both projects could be out of the way before he needs to be ready for standalone movie #1 which isn’t even expected to hit theaters until 2018.

Hopefully Warner Bros. clears up some of these rumors for us soon but, odds are, they won’t make an official announcement until after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25th.


Image via Warner Bros.

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