New ‘Batman v Superman’ Behind-the-Scenes Image Sees Ben Affleck Armor Up

     April 7, 2016


Set photographer Clay Enos has been working with director Zack Snyder since 2009’s Watchmen, a gig that allows the camera man exclusive access to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars during their movie-making moments. Their latest project together is, of course, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a massive Warner Bros. picture that sees the DC Comics Trinity unite on screen in live action for the first time ever. Enos was the man who was able to capture some of those behind-the-scenes moments before they ever hit the big screen.

In an interview with Playboy (via CBM), Enos talked about meeting Snyder on set of 300 and how that moment kickstarted their movie-making relationship. He also shared a new behind-the-scenes image from the title conflict of Batman v Superman and commented on his experience shooting the DC Comics heroes in the flesh. There’s likely to be more of the same for Enos in the near future as Snyder preps to shoot the Justice League movies.

First up, check out this awesome behind-the-scenes image from Enos:


Image via Clay Enos

When forced to choose among Henry Cavill’s Superman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, you might wonder just how Enos chooses who to focus on. Here’s what he thinks about the DC Comics Trinity:

Of the three leads in Batman v Superman—Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Godot—who was the easiest to shoot?


It’s hard to say. Gal is so beautiful and strong and awesome. She’s a ton of fun and she’s new to the genre of superhero films. But then Henry is the spitting image of the Superman that you have in your head. It’s crazy. When he’s got his cape on and he’s in full costume, you’re shooting Superman. The only other male icon that’s in your head for your whole life is Santa Claus. And then Batman is a giant, hulking awesomeness of dark who presents challenges because his costume is dark. He’s also so awesome that you let it go. On some level it’s just a chin for Ben as Batman. But what a chin it is.


Image via Warner Bros.

For a good description of what Enos’ job actually entails, here’s what he had to say:

Being a set photographer is not what it used to be. What challenges does green screen create for you?


I think the main concern is always, What is the moment being portrayed? And not getting too distracted by the fact that there’s a green hue on [the actors] or there’s nothing behind them. Then you sort of pick and choose. If it’s just some chitchat on another planet, you might just let it go. Or if it is something dramatic like a fight between Batman and Superman, then you shoot everything regardless. The next step you would do is try to put some set piece behind them so when they do in fact go to build the finished product you’ve kind of given them a chance. For sure I did that on 300: Rise Of An Empire. That whole movie was done in stages. There are lots of sea battles. So you just look for good set pieces to put behind them by finding the right angle and then carrying on.


Is it easier being on location or in the studio with green screen?


It depends. When you’re out and about, there can be green screen but it’s usually a set extension, so the majority of what you’re dealing with is real. Then at the end of the road, when you can imagine the city goes on forever, they throw up a green screen. I think Aircover Inflatables won a technical Academy Award this year for these giant inflatable green screens [the Airwall]. They can move them in, blow them up not unlike one of those party jumping castles, and it just happens to be a green screen.

Be sure to head over to Playboy for the rest of the interview with Enos, which delves into his long career with Snyder. For more of our Batman v Superman-related coverage, check out some of the links below:




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