‘Batman v Superman’ Crosses $500 Million Worldwide

     March 30, 2016

batman-v-superman-justice-league-sliceWhile initial weekend estimates may have been a bit over eager, there’s no denying Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a beast at the box office. It may not have been able to defeat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 as Warner Bros. all-time biggest debut, but it still took down a number of records including the biggest opening for March, Spring, and Easter weekend, as well as the top spot for a DC Comics film, a Zack Snyder Film, and 2016 releases to date (sorry, Deadpool). Today, Snyder’s massive-scale superhero smackdown earned another notch in it’s Box Office utility belt by crossing $500 million globally.

Batman v Superman soared past the $500 million mark only five days after opening, putting it well on track to meet Man of Steel‘s $668 million, though it remains to be seen if the DCEU’s flagship feature film can measure up to Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight sequels which earned more than $1 billion a pieces. It also remains to be seen if Batman v Superman‘s winning box office streak will have legs, given the blistering critical reception and the drastic drop in North American ticket sales over the course of the film’s opening weekend, which decreased from 55% from $82M on Friday to $37M on Sunday (though the Easter holiday may have contributed to that drop). For now, BvS continues to dominate, taking the title of best Tuesday in March (which is kind of stretching it as far as accolades go, don’t you think?) from previous holder The Hunger Games, and looks strong heading into it’s follow up weekends, which won’t face blockbuster competition until The Jungle Book arrives on April 15.

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