‘Batman v Superman’ Box Office Crosses $700 Million Worldwide

     April 5, 2016


The saga of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice box office continues. Zack Snyder‘s epic superhero bonanza (aka the Justice League starter kit) faced a drastic decline at the domestic box office over the weekend, dropping 69% from its record-breaking $166 opening weekend debut to $51.5 in its second frame. But in terms of the big bucks global number, BvS keeps going up and up. Today brings another milestone: Warner Bros. announced that after pulling in $14.3 million on Monday for a worldwide total of $698 million ($263.7 million domestically and another $434 million internationally), the film is official passing the $700 million mark worldwide.

While Batman v Superman has already outperformed Man of Steel, which cumed a total of $668 million worldwide, but now the big question becomes if the film intended to launch the DC Extended Universe will reach the $1 billion dollar benchmark set by Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight sequels. While the box office for fan-driven films like Batman v Superman tends to be front-loaded, the second weekend hit was definitely bigger than expected. The film was critically panned out the gate and met with a less-than-stellar “B” CinemaScore, a factor that may lead to less repeat business. It remains to be seen if the third weekend will see another plunge in profits, or if Batman v Superman can stay afloat long enough to reach that big billion.

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