Collider Heroes: ‘Batman v Superman’ and the DC Universe Moving Forward

     March 28, 2016


On a special episode of Collider Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub and Dennis Tzeng sit down for a long discussion about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and what it will mean for the DC Cinematic Universe moving forward.

This is an epic SPOILER conversation about Batman v Superman, so if you haven’t seen the movie, turn away now!


The panel goes deep into the plot points revealed in Batman v Superman. The epic superhero team up that broke box office records this past weekend shook up the DC Cinematic Universe to its very core when Warner Bros and Zack Snyder took a page from Superman’s most famous run in comics with The Death of Superman storyline. With Superman dead by the end of the movie, and Batman moving forward as the supposed leader of the Justice League, the Heroes Panel discuss the plot point and what they liked and didn’t like about the controversial story. Though they mentioned Warner Bros. wanting to do this storyline since the early nineties, it didn’t necessarily work for everyone on the panel. They go deep behind the idea and discuss what it can mean for the character of Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent in upcoming movies.


Image via WB

This leads to the bigger picture inside the DCEU and especially Justice League. It’s obvious to everyone on the panel that Superman will return and soon, most likely in the first chapter of Justice League. The panel then weighs in on whether or not the Death of Superman storyline worked in this particular movie.

Regardless of the story, Superman is dead… for now. So what does this mean for Justice League? With Superman gone, and Bruce Wayne/Batman and Wonder Woman seemingly forming the Justice League, the three use this as the launching point to the main topic – what the DC Universe will look like in the future with their movies, Justice League Part One, Wonder Woman, Justice League Part Two; the Aquaman movie, The Flash movie and Cyborg’s own stand alone film.

The landscape of DC Films has forever changed, thanks to the many story-points in Batman v Superman. And the Heroes Panel looks at every angle, every idea and speculate on what it all means for the future. No matter your thoughts on Batman v Superman, the DC Films Universe is here and will be for the foreseeable future. Will the DC Fans go along for the ride?


Image via Warner Bros.

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