‘Batman v Superman’: Batman’s Knightmares Explained

     March 27, 2016


Coming out of seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you may have had some questions. It’s a massive movie with a lot of story, so questions were inevitable, but in using the Man of Steel sequel to also tee-up the beginning of the Justice League, director Zack Snyder also scattered numerous references to the DC Comics superhero team throughout the film. His main conduit for this was a series of Batman dream sequences, or “Knightmares”, in which we may or may not have been given a glimpse at a possible future as a tease for one or both Justice League movies.

However, you may be wondering just exactly what it all means. Not to fear—we’ve got you covered. But to understand just what it was that Batman was seeing, we must first delve a bit into the backstory of DC Comics villain Darkseid. Long-rumored as the primary antagonist of Snyder’s Justice League, which is on track to start production next month, Darkseid is essentially the DC Universe’s equivalent of Marvel’s Thanos. The character is an alien tyrant who rules the planet of Apokolips, with aspirations of conquering the known universe by removing free will.


Image via DC Comics


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