BATMAN V SUPERMAN Scenes Include a Rainy Rooftop Battle and Solemn Chats with Alfred

     July 3, 2015


Now that we’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice take center stage on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue and had a chance to pore over the new images, we’ve also got descriptions for three scenes in Zach Snyder’s epic superhero showdown starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Godot, Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons.

As reported in EW [via comicbook] Bruce Wayne and Alfred share an “almost comically grim” scene in the “derelict husk” of Wayne manor, littered with “strewn leaves across the floor,” as Bruce prepares to go to battle with Superman.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and his loyal butler, Alfred (Jeremy Irons), are gravely intoning their lines into a burned-out fireplace, as Bruce prepares for his Valley of Elah moment with Superman. The billionaire vigilante appears weary but determined, not unlike the actor portraying him.


And this will not be the only counsel Bruce receives from Alfred – nor should it, their complex and endearing relationship is a highlight of Bats’ mythology. EW also describes a moment where Alfred challenges Bruce’s motivations for striking against superman.

Snyder also reveals a scene in the Batcave where Bruce Wayne outlines his motivations to a skeptical Alfred, a bit of realpolitik reasoning that weighs the morality of a preemptive strike on Superman against even the minimal chance of humanity’s destruction.

Finally, there’s a description of the big moment. The ultimate superhero throwdown, a rainy rooftop battle sequence between The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight.

In his editing suite in Pasadena last month, Snyder showed off early passes of the money sequence, a rainy rooftop battle between the two capes. There’s an undeniable thrill to watching these pop culture icons go at it–throwing each other through walls and skylights.

It all sounds a bit dour, and while that gloominess was a common complaint for Man of Steel, I think it makes sense here. Generally speaking Batman is a pretty grim character, and I appreciate the idea that he might be battling with his ethics to do what he believes is necessary. Affleck has also stated that this is the most mature and weary we’ve ever seen Bruce on film, so there’s an inherent darkness to a hero at the end of his road. However, hopefully Snyder can allow Superman to be a bit lighter this time around, because it’s the stark contrast between the two heroes that always makes their encounters pop.

What do you guys think? Does this sound like the Batman v Superman you want to see? Sound off in the comments peruse our recent coverage below.


Image via Warner Bros.

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