Producer Deborah Snyder on ‘Batman v Superman’ and the ‘Star Wars’ Easter Egg

     March 31, 2016


The highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now finally playing in theaters everywhere, and at the recent Los Angeles press junket I got the chance to sit down and talk with one of the film’s producers, Deborah Snyder. Over the past week I’ve posted various sections of the extended interview, and today is the final installment. During our wide-ranging conversation she talked about changes during development, shooting in IMAX, the idea behind the Star Wars Easter Egg, what’s different about the R-rated extended cut coming on Blu-ray, when we might hear the official title for Justice Leaguewhat they learned from friends and family screenings and test screenings, and a lot more. Check out what she had to say below and further down the page are links to the other parts of our interview.


Image via Warner Bros.

Deborah Snyder:

  • 0:34 – The size of the changes during development.
  • 2:03 – On shooting in IMAX.
  • 3:56 – The idea behind the Star Wars Easter Egg.
  • 5:32 – Taking on different superhero movies with different tones.
  • 7:23 – Thoughts on the extended cut and what they had to remove from the theatrical cut.
  • 7:59 – A scene she wished could have made the theatrical version, but will be in the extended cut.
  • 8:32 – When we might hear the official title for Justice League: Part One.
  • 9:02 – What they learned from friends and family screenings and test screenings.
  • 10:29 – On planning Easter Eggs with regards to future movies.

Here’s more from my interview with Deborah Snyder:


Image via Warner Bros.


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