Friday Box Office: ‘The Boss’ Threatens to Fire ‘Batman v Superman’

     April 9, 2016


Last year, the studio execs at Warner Bros. probably didn’t think that their superhero epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would have to be fending off a Melissa McCarthy comedy, but here we are.

Batman v Superman continues to drop steeper than expected, and according to THR, the film fell 55 percent over the past weekend. However, with Friday estimates, it should come in slightly above The Boss with an estimated $8.1 million Friday on the way to $21 million for the weekend. However, the movie was eyeing $25 million for the weekend, so it still came up short, and now its three-week domestic tally will come to around $296 million.


Image via Warner Bros.

But don’t cry too much for BvS. It’s still doing robust business overseas. The film has earned $729 million worldwide to date, surpassing the lifetime tallies of both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Nevertheless, the number you have to keep an eye worldwide for BvS is $1 billion. Anything less is a disappointment for the studio, and I’m still not sure if the movie has the juice to reach higher than $900 million.

Moving on to The Boss, the film is a hit for McCarthy despite poor reviews (18% on Rotten Tomatoes) and low CinemaScore (C+, which is baffling because it’s exactly what was sold in the trailers) because it’s probably going to gross $20 million this weekend off of a $29 million budget. It will be interesting to see how it does worldwide since the previous film from McCarthy and director Ben Falcone, Tammy, grossed $100 million and they’re already at work on their next collaboration, Life of the Party.

Finally, the week’s other wide release, Hardcore Henry, performed below expectations. It also received a C+ CinemaScore, and, after earning $2 million Friday, is likely to earn just $5 million in its debut for a fifth place finish. That’s pretty dismal when you consider that STX picked it up at TIFF for $10 million and what they’ve dumped into the film to promote it. I guess if people want to watch first-person violence, they can just turn on Twitch.

Look for the full weekend box office rundown tomorrow.


Image via TIFF

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