‘Batman v Superman’ Extended R-Rated Cut Gets Summer Release Date [Updated]

     March 28, 2016


While a running time of over two and a half hours, there’s a lot of movie in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And yet, we still came away with quite a few questions about the film. Luckily an even longer cut hopes to provide more answers and shading for the picture, with an R-rating no less, and now we know when to expect the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “Ultimate Cut” on Blu-ray and DVD.

According to Forbes, the extended edition of Zack Snyder’s superhero epic will arrive on home video on July 16th, providing the perfect primer for Warner Bros.’ next DC Expanded Universe film Suicide Squad, which opens in theaters on August 5th.


Image via Warner Bros.

So what will be on this extended cut of the film, which runs 30 minutes longer than the theatrical cut? Snyder previously revealed that the extended cut includes Jena Malone’s mysterious character, as well as more of Jimmy Olsen, and the filmmaker even told us during our interview that there’s a longer version of the film’s ending:

“There’s a little bit of action, there’s a little bit of violence that we trimmed out for the MPAA that we put back. The Batman warehouse rescue, there’s a couple shots of Doomsday that were too intense. Then there’s a little bit longer ending, sort of the ending sequence, and the opening of the movie, the North Africa sequence is really much different.”

So fans will get the chance to take a deep dive into an even more immersive version of the film this summer, and I’m very curious to see what this new footage brings to the film overall. As someone who liked the movie more than most, I still concede that much of the storytelling feels a bit muddled and convoluted, so perhaps these 30 extra minutes fill in some of the gaps and make things a bit smoother.

[Update: Warner Bros. has reached out to let us know that the film will not be released on home video on July 16th, and that this information was inaccurate.  We’ll let you know the official release date as soon as it’s announced.]


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