‘Batman v Superman’: New Behind-the-Scenes Images Tease Ultimate Edition

     June 17, 2016


It’s rare to see alternate cuts of major studio blockbusters get an official release, but perhaps Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a special case all around. Ever since that film’s press junket, director Zack Snyder was teasing that he had so much extra footage that they’d be releasing an extended cut of the film on Blu-ray, and indeed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is poised for release on Digital HD on June 28th and on Blu-ray and DVD on July 19th, giving fans an entirely new—and R-rated—look at the film.

In anticipation of the Ultimate Edition’s release, Warner Bros. let us debut a brand new trailer for the extended cut of the film early this month, which teased some of the new scenes that’ll make their way to the Blu-ray. And over the past few weeks, the film’s official set photographer Clay Enos has been sharing some new behind-the-scenes images that further tease some of the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor when Batman v Superman hit theaters in March.


Image via Warner Bros.

Look, the worldwide gross of $872.6 million is by no means a disaster, but given the iconography of the characters involved and the event-ness of it all, obviously Warner Bros. was hoping for something a little higher. Moreover, folks who were displeased with the film were not exactly silent. So I’m curious to see A. Just how different this Ultimate Edition really is from the theatrical cut and B. If it’s an improvement. Snyder’s theatrical cut of the film clearly suffered from some structure problems, so it’ll be interesting to see if these extra scenes improve some of the storytelling.

For now, peruse some of these really neat behind-the-scenes images below courtesy of Enos’ official Twitter account as we await the full release of the Ultimate Edition.


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