How Powerful Will Wonder Woman Be in ‘Batman v Superman’?

     March 21, 2016


As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nears ever closer to its highly anticipated release, many are wondering just how the super-powered heroes of DC Comics will bring their abilities to bear on-screen. Surely the focus will be squarely on the title titans, but other DC heroes will be making their appearances as well. Not only will Wonder Woman be crashing into the conflict between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, but fellow heroes Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash will also be showing up in cameos.

But just how much of their incredible power will be featured? Steve Weintraub had a chance to sit with producer Deborah Snyder to ask that very question. Clearly the heroes will have to prove their worth to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Batman and Superman, but the filmmakers also need to keep something in reserve for each of the heroes’ eventual solo films.

Watch the video interview with Snyder below, followed by more on her comments:

Snyder talked about reining in the display of Wonder Woman’s powers in Batman v Superman since she’ll be able to fully express her abilities in director Patty Jenkins’ origin film:

I think that Zack and Geoff Johns sat down and outlined these stories, many of them at least. Really, we did a chart with what their powers were, like what Superman’s powers were, and I think you see a little bit of Wonder Woman. So we get a sense of her power but we didn’t want to do too much because obviously Patty’s going to build up to that and we’re going to learn how she discovers her powers in that movie.


Image via Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman won’t be the only hero in Batman v Superman that doesn’t get their name on the marquee. Other DC heroes, namely Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, will make appearances as well. Snyder revealed just how much of their own powers would be on display in this film:

And then with Aquaman and Flash and Cyborg, those are a little bit more cameo, so you see a little bit that there’s something different but we don’t want to give too much away because we were just in the process, and we still are, of developing those scripts.

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