BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Rumors: Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing) Will Be in the Movie; Olga Kurylenko Tested for Wonder Woman

     November 7, 2013


When Batman vs. Superman was announced at Comic-Con this past summer, the crowd went absolutely nuts.  For the first time, DC Comic’s most popular superheroes would share the screen in a blockbuster picture.  That is legitimate cause to be excited.  But in the months since then, such a pairing is no longer good enough.  A couple weeks ago, Warner Bros.’ Greg Silverman gave the slightest of indications that Wonder Woman could be in the movie.  And apparently, that’s still not enough for sites that are so desperate for scoops they’ll take whatever information they can regardless of its proximity to the truth.

Hit the jump for rumor-bait regarding Dick Grayson being in the movie, and Olga Kurylenko screen-testing for Wonder Woman.  Batman vs. Superman opens July 17, 2015.

Latino Review starts us off with the rumor that Dick Grayson (the first Robin, who eventually came into his own as Nightwing) will be in the movie, and it’s under the flimsiest of reasons.  El Mayimbe states in his video that he’s heard the rumor from very trusted sources, but because of the secrecy surrounding the project, no one will confirm it.  Not a problem!  Just report it anyway!  According to El Mayimbe, there’s a casting call out for a “Young John Hawkes type” and for a Caucasian stuntman who is the same height as Hawkes (5′ 10″).  I guess there’s no way that could be any character other than Dick Grayson.   To quote Mayimbe: “If you think about it, it is in the realm of possibility.”  I’m glad that’s our barometer for a “scoop”.  Here’s his video:

But if that’s not enough, Schmoes Know (the people who thought they had landed a casting scoop proclaiming that Jaina and Jacen Solo would be the lead characters of Star Wars: Episode VII) are now saying that Wonder Woman is definitely in the movie.  You see, Jaimie Alexander (Thor) said she had met with Warner Bros. about playing the iconic hero, and know Schmoes is reporting that a trusted source says Olga Kurylekno (Oblivion) screen tested for the role.  This is a three-exclamation mark, three question-mark scoop, people.  “I’m calling it – Wonder Woman WILL be in the next Superman/Batman movie though who knows if it’s a cameo or a more substantial role,” writes Schmoes Know.

At this point, I don’t really care if these scoops are true or not.  If they’re true, the sites get to gloat and if they’re not, they won’t be called on it because at the speed of the Internet, everyone forgets false reports, and sites like these never own up to their mistakes.

My issue is the greediness.  These scoops are coming from a place of desire because now it’s no longer enough to enjoy the thought of Batman and Superman going toe-to-toe.  Now you need more heroes.  Sites like Schmoes Know and Latino Review aren’t being fans.  They’re either ruining surprises or creating disappointment, and you should keep that in mind when you read these “scoops”.  Speculation is admittedly fun, but it can have serious drawbacks.


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