Watch a Re-Edit of the ‘Batman v Superman’ Opening Cut with the ‘Man of Steel’ Climax

     July 6, 2016


Now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is legally available to download, fans are free to take the footage and recut it to their hearts desire. Fan The Film Guy thought it would be interesting to take the opening of Zack Snyder’s sequel and recut it with the climactic battle between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel.

It’s a neat little experiment in character perspective. The Film Guy largely works from Bruce Wayne’s POV, and it gives the scene a more sobering feel, while also not making Superman look particularly great. For example, as Bruce Wayne’s employee says his prayers as he’s about to die, Superman is in range and rather than helping that guy out, he goes on to keep punching Zod. Superman is supposed to have excellent hearing and super speed, but he can’t save that one guy’s life, so just add that to the tally of people Superman didn’t rescue.

Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating exercise, and while the whole scene doesn’t cut together great (it’s not an improvement on what was in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman, it’s still worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of either film.

Check out the recut below via The Playlist. Also, in case you missed it, click here for the major differences between the Batman v Superman theatrical cut and Ultimate Edition, and click here for Dave’s review of the Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition is now available to own on Digital HD and will be available on Blu-ray on July 19th.  Finally, be sure to check out our Justice League coverage if you haven’t already:


Image via Clay Enos


Image via Clay Enos


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