New ‘Batman v Superman’ Posters Give Lex, Lois, and Alfred Their Own Logos

     February 23, 2016


As is the studio’s wont, Warner Bros. has unveiled a trio of new character posters for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. These are in keeping with the style of the previous three posters, which featured our heroes Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), but this time it’s the villain and Bat and Supes’ support systems who take center stage.

With all the focus on the titular battle and the inclusion of Wonder Woman, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Batman v Superman will also introduce us to a new onscreen iteration of Alfred via Jeremy Irons, who has the unenviable task of stepping into Michael Caine’s shoes. It’ll be interesting to see what an Alfred for a “grizzled” and “retired” Batman is like, and based on the trailers and promos we’ve seen thus far, he seems none too pleased that Bruce Wayne is going back out into the field.

As for Lois Lane, it’s kind of a shame that Amy Adams’ character doesn’t get a true Man of Steel sequel to further flesh out this iteration of the comics reporter. She’s in the follow-up, sure, but with the superhero headbutting, Lex’s villainy, Wonder Woman’s inclusion, and the set-up for Justice League – Part 1 to do, one imagines Lois isn’t going to get a ton of screentime—although here’s hoping Chris Terrio’s screenplay at least has the time to further develop Lois’ relationship with Clark.

In any event, it’s nice to see these characters getting their due in the form of character posters, and I’ll be curious to see if we get any more from Warner Bros. as the release of Batman v Superman moves closer. Take a closer look below (via IMP Awards). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on March 25th.





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