‘Batman v Superman’ R-Rated Version Details Revealed; Which Character Was Cut from Theatrical?

     March 4, 2016


A few weeks ago, soon after the success of Deadpool sent a shockwave around Hollywood, we learned that Warner Bros. was planning an R-rated superhero movie of its own in the form of a different, more violent cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This R-rated cut would be released on home video, not in theaters, but folks wondered just how, exactly, this version would differ from the theatrical cut of Zack Snyder’s superhero epic. Would this be a genuinely different cut, or was this simply a case of the studio capitalizing on another film’s success by adding in a scene or two and pulling the old “Unrated Cut!” trick? It turns out it’s actually very much the former.

Speaking with EW, Snyder calls this home video-only R-rated cut his “director’s cut” of the film, but explains he was pretty harsh when it came to trimming down the theatrical version of Batman v Superman to a manageable length:

“We were just like, ‘Okay, look. We’re not making a three-hour movie. I mean, even I didn’t want to make a three-hour movie. I drove the cuts probably harder than anyone. The studio, they were willing to let the movie indulge pretty hard. But I felt like it’s at a manageable two-and-a-half hours. Let’s also not forget the credits are super long, the end credits. So the movie’s closer to two hours and 22 minutes.”


Image via Warner Bros.

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