New Clip from BATMAN: YEAR ONE

     October 11, 2011


Warner Premiere has released a new clip from the upcoming Direct-to-Video animated film Batman: Year One.  The clip features Lieutenant Gordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston) and his wife coming to visit playboy Bruce Wayne (Ben McKenzie).  The clip is notable for two reasons: 1) I now really want Bryan Cranston to play Jim Gordon in the next Batman movie; and 2) Bruce Wayne gives Mrs. Gordon the Basic Instinct shot.  That’s kind of great even though Tommy Cook had mixed feelings on the film as a whole.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  The film, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, also features Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen, and Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.  Batman: Year One is now available for download on iTunes, Xbox Live, Zune, Vudu HD, and PlayStation Netwoek.  It hits Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, and On Demand on October 18th.

And if you missed them, here’s the first and second clips from Batman: Year One.

Here’s the official synopsis for Batman: Year One:

BATMAN: YEAR ONE is based on the landmark 1987 DC Comics titles from 12-time Eisner Award winner Frank Miller and illustrator David Mazzucchelli. The film depicts young Bruce Wayne’s return to Gotham City in his first attempts to fight injustice as a costumed vigilante. The playboy billionaire chooses the guise of a giant bat to combat crime, creates an early bond with a young Lieutenant James Gordon (who is already battling corruption from inside the police department), inadvertently plays a role in the birth of Catwoman, and helps to bring down a crooked political system that infests Gotham.


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