Producer Neal Moritz Provides Updates on BATTLE: L.A. 2, PREACHER, THE BOYS, and D.J. Caruso’s Disaster Film INVERTIGO

     April 25, 2013


Over the past few days, we’ve been sharing a number of updates from Neal Moritz that were gleaned in Steve’s recent lengthy interview with the producer.  Moritz talked extensively about Fast & Furious 6, 7, and the future of the franchise, he provided revealing updates on the 21 Jump Street sequel, he talked quite a bit about the upcoming supernatural actioner R.I.P.D., and he also provided a promising update on director Shane Black’s developing Doc Savage movie.

While we’ll be providing the full interview here on Collider soon, we wanted to share one last batch of updates on a number of projects.  Hit the jump for news concerning the Battle: Los Angeles sequel, the graphic novel adaptations of Preacher and The Boys, and director D.J. Caruso’s disaster film Invertigo.

Battle-Los-Angeles-2-sequelWith regards to a sequel to Jonathan Liebeseman’s 2011 sci-fi war film Battle: L.A., Moritz said they are currently developing the screenplay:

“We have a new script being developed for Battle: L.A. 2 right now.  It will be [in another city].  Christopher Bertollini, who wrote the first one, is writing the second one.”

Another long-developing project is an adaptation of the graphic novel PreacherSam Mendes was attached to direct for a while, but he previously told Steve that he just couldn’t quite crack how to tell the story tonally.  Moritz confirmed that they are moving in a different direction on the project now, but it still sounds like it’s a ways off:

“We’re actually talking about a little different direction on it.  It is a priority, but it’s one of those that is—a very hard movie to get made in Hollywood today.  But we’re really working on it.”

the-boys-neal-moritzSpeaking of difficult graphic novel adaptations, Moritz is also producing The Boys, which has Anchorman director Adam McKay attached to direct:

The Boys we’re working on with Adam McKay right now.  He would love to do it and we’re in the middle of working on it right now.”

Finally, Moritz is also producing a disaster movie with director D.J. Caruso that takes place on an Earth where we have suddenly lost gravity.  While it was previously set for a March 2014 release date, Moritz doesn’t seem positive that the date will make:

“We’re trying [to make the release date] but we’ll see if that really can make it in time.  It’s a huge production.  We’re in the middle of talking cast right now.”

Caruso recently became attached to direct the spy film Spy’s Kid, which has Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf set to star, but it’s unknown which film will be his next project. Look for Steve’s full interview with Moritz on Collider soon.


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