BATTLE ROYALE to Get the 3D Treatment

     May 17, 2010

Almost a decade after its original release, Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale will be getting an unnecessary 3D conversion (although that’s a tad redundant: all 3D conversions are unnecessary).  Screen Daily reports that Kenji’s son Kenta Fukasaku (and the director of Battle Royal 2: Requiem) will oversee the conversion.  Kinji Fukasaku died in 2003.  The 3D version of the original will be ready for market screenings in October and released in Japan on November 20th.

For those unfamiliar with the film, Battle Royale is about a randomly selected group of 9th grade students who are forced to kill each other within three days until only one remains.  If there’s more than one, they’ll all die.  The program is run by a fascist government and broadcast as reality television entertainment.  It’s a grim premise but also an intense action film/satire.  I imagine the film will inspire a reality show on NBC in about fifteen years.  It will still be better than The Marriage Ref.

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