Baymax of BIG HERO 6 Speaks Out Against Robot World Domination and Sitting

     November 7, 2014


Interviewing an animated character is an odd experience especially under the pretense that said animated character is actually real. These were the mandated circumstances in which I interviewed Baymax – the lead robot of Disney’s newest feature Big Hero 6. But per the interview instructions, there is no movie, no characters — only a real talking robot and his motley crew of friends. Pay no heed to the man behind the curtain. Acknowledge only the animated ‘toon’ on the screen in front. And so I did.

Baymax, when he’s not saving the world with his creator Hiro Hamada, has a day job as a Health Care Companion. The machine can read your vitals and tell you what physical ailments might be troubling you. I decided to exploit this particular aspect of Baymax’s programming by using the machine to assess my own physical and metaphysical ailments. Things did not turn out as planned and somehow this interview ends with me doing squats in a room in front of a cartoon on a screen. Hit the jump to discover “why you probably shouldn’t eat a table or glass”.


  • Is Baymax a conscious being?
  • Am I a conscious being?
  • Baymax attempts to solve my emotional ailments
  • What does Baymax eat?
  • Does Baymax have any interest in taking over the world?
  • Can Baymax tell me how long I’m going to live?
  • Baymax gives advice on where to visit in his hometown ‘San Fransokyo’
  • How does Baymax remember people?
  • Baymax forces me to perform squats




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