New Trailer for THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS [Updated with New Poster]

     November 26, 2012


News has been quiet Southern-fried action comedy The Baytown Outlaws ever since the title change from The Baytown Disco back in June, but a new trailer has dropped today to remind you that it still exists. Written and directed by Barry BattlesThe Baytown Outlaws follows three ruthless brothers who fall into helping a damsel in distress (Eva Longoria) by rescuing her godson (Thomas Brodie Sangster) from her nefarious ex-husband, Rob (Billy Bob Thornton).  This is also the film that renowned producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told us to keep an eye on during a recent set visit and compared Battles’ work to that of a young Quentin Tarantino.

The Baytown Outlaws also stars Clayne Crawford, Michael Rapaport, Daniel Cudmore, Travis Fimmel, Andre Braugher and Paul Wesley. Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

Here’s the new trailer for The Baytown Outlaws (via Yahoo!):

Here’s the synopsis for The Baytown Outlaws:

THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS is a wickedly playful, high-velocity action-comedy in which three infamously ruthless Alabama brothers find themselves on the wrong side of crooked cops, relentless Feds, mad mobsters, road pirates, tomahawk-wielding bikers, tricky femme fatales and an unforgettable cast of characters as colorful as they are lethal when they finally try to do a single good deed.



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