BAZOOKA JOE Adaptation Means Movie Based on Gum Wrapper

     May 21, 2009

bazooka_joe_comic_01.jpgOnly Michael Eisner would think there’s enough dramatic material in the Bazooka Joe comics for a feature length film.  Anyone who has ever read the Bazooka Joe comics realizes there’s not enough material for two panels.  The only good thing that has ever come from Bazooka Joe comics other than wrapping for gross-tasting bubble gum is The Onion article revealing that Mort’s sweater covered his hideously burned face.  If the movie includes that, I will eat my delicious words.

But writer Mark Hammer has been brought on to probably not write such things.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hammer is graduating from Orange County’s Chapman University this weekend and his spec script “Sonny Takes to Peru” brought him to the attention of Eisner and his production company, Tornante Co.  It just so happens that Bazooka Joe, the gum, and the comic are part of the Topps Trading Card Co. which Michael Eisner owns and hopes to rejuvinate.  There’s a lot of potential these days for Bazooka Joe because kids love terrible tasting bubble gum and unfunny comics from the 50s.  Maybe Joe and his friends can learn about texting or Facebook or malteds or whatever youngsters like these days.

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