Louis Leterrier’s Wife Béatrice to Direct WRECKING BALL; Eva Mendes to Star

     January 12, 2011


Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier’s wife Béatrice is set to direct her first feature film, and in quite a different style from that of her husband. In a recent interview, Leterrier revealed that her project Wrecking Ball will be a dramatic comedy with Eva Mendes attached to star. Although Mendes is the only actor currently signed on to the movie, her star power should help in attracting bigger names to the film.

For more on Wrecking Ball, including small details regarding Mendes’ role in the film, hit the jump.

beatrice-leterrier-image(1)In talking with the French site Ecran Large, Leterrier gave this synopsis for Wrecking Ball:

During the Christmas weekend at home, a family reunion will bring back the awful memories of a tragic event that occurred 20 years ago and shake up the family core. And in the middle of all the uproar and arguments is a 5-year-old girl who unwittingly holds the key to their fate and the final outcome.

Although Wrecking Ball will be her first feature, Mrs. Leterrier has garnered directing experience in Europe with her work in commercials and videos. As mentioned previously, she’s also married into a filmmaking family. Her husband Louis’ father François is a director and his mother Catherine is a costume designer (her most recent work was on the 2009 movie Coco Avant Chanel).

As for Mendes, it is believed that her turn in Wrecking Ball will see her taking on the role of a mother. If true, the role could mark a shift for the actress and help to show off her dramatic chops in the process. She has indeed reached the perfect age where she can explore a wider range in her roles; much in the vein of her work in James Gray’s We Own the Night.

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