BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D Won’t See Theaters until 2011?

     January 20, 2010


I love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and while I was wary about a 3D update, what they showed at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con put it on my must-see movies list of 2010.  Except now it looks like it will have to move to my list for 2011, because [via /Film] is reporting that the film has been kicked from its Valentine’s Day release and probably won’t land a new release date for sometime later this year.

That’s a real shame because the opening number from Beauty and the Beast, “Belle”, looked incredible.  It wasn’t eye-popping 3D, but that nice, high-resolution transfer that provides fantastic detail to the image.  I remember seeing the movie in IMAX and while it was impressive, it was odd to see crowd shots as just little circles on tops of ovals to represent people.  They’ve upgraded the animation to suit the 3D and the film looks better than it ever has.  I also wanted the film to come out this year because if it was successful, then Disney would have incentive to move forward on other 3D upgrades for films like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King.

Obviously, as soon as we find out the new release date, we’ll let you know what it is.

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