Disney+ Is Cooking Up a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series about Gaston & Le Fou

     March 6, 2020


In a development I never thought I’d actually report, a Beauty and the Beast prequel series focusing on the characters of Gaston and Le Fou is currently in the works over at Disney+. The series will apparently be a live-action follow-up to the 2017 live-action remake which starred Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the titular star-crossed lovers.


Image via Walt Disney Studios

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ could become the home of a live-action Beauty and the Beast prequel series about villainous duo Gaston and Le Fou. Luke Evans and Josh Gad, who played Gaston and Le Fou respectively in the live-action remake, have signed on to reprise their roles. No other actors, including Watson or Stevens, have signed on for the project, but THR says sources they spoke with hinted there is a possibility they could appear. Disney+ is also working with Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the creators behind ABC’s Once Upon a Time, on the project. THR also notes the prequel series would be a “six-episode musical event” and composer Alan Menken, who worked on the music for both the 1991 Disney animated movie and the 2017 remake, would return to score the series.

The prequel project is still in the very early stages of development, so details about the plot are still unknown aside from the fact the limited series would serve as an origin story of sorts for Gaston and Le Fou. Similarly unclear is if there is any intention to preserve the queerness of Gad’s Le Fou, which became the subject of some focus and controversy around the time of the live-action remake’s release. Despite Gad confirming Le Fou was gay, there was nothing blatantly queer about the character, with much of his sexuality merely coded into his performance. Considering Disney+ has already racked up a track record of pushing back against any original series which would push the boundaries of its family-friendly image, it’s possible Le Fou’s sexuality will be pushed to the furthest of back-burners.

Speaking of Gad, he’s serving as a co-showrunner, co-executive producer, and co-writer on all six episodes with Kitsis and Horowitz also taking on co-credits. Sources speaking to THR claim the Gad-Kitsis-Horowitz partnership on this Beauty and the Beast prequel project came out of the trio’s scrapped Muppets Live Another Day original series.

You may have to wait a while for the Gaston and Le Fou Beauty and the Beast prequel series, so check out which movies are coming to Disney+ in 2020 to help you pass the time.