19 New Images and TV Spot for BEL AMI Starring Robert Pattinson

     February 16, 2012


Don’t say I never did anything for you, Robert Pattinson fans.  19 new images and a TV spot have been released for the period drama Bel Ami.  The film takes place in 1890s Paris and centers on an impoverished man (Pattinson) who discovers that he can climb the social ladder by having sex with rich women.  Looking at the images and watching the TV spot, Bel Ami strikes me as Robert Pattinson porn.  I don’t think there’s going to be graphic sex in the movie, but basically the story and characters are simply a pretext for Pattinson to seduce every single straight woman in the audience.  If that’s why you want to see Bel Ami, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.  If you want to see Bel Ami for its costume design, then you’ll also probably like what you see.  So to recap: Bel Ami appeals to 1) fans of Robert Pattinson; 2) fans of 1890s Parisian couture.

Hit the jump to check out the images and TV spot.  The film also stars Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Kristin Scott ThomasBel Ami opens in the UK on March 9th.  Sony acquired the film at AFM but it’s currently without a US release date.

Images via Movieweb and Facebook.

TV spot via The Playlist.



Here’s the official synopsis for Bel Ami:

Bel Ami is the story of Georges Duroy (Pattinson), who travels through 1890s Paris, from cockroach ridden garrets to opulent salons, using his wits and powers of seduction to rise from poverty to wealth, from a prostitute’s embrace to passionate trysts with wealthy beauties, in a world where politics and media jostle for influence, where sex is power and celebrity an obsession.

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