Ben Affleck Does a Radio Interview in Boston

     August 24, 2006

Frosty here. One of our readers in Boston named ‘Sox Fan’ just heard Ben Affleck on the radio and sent in a quick summary. After being quiet for a long time Ben seems to have come up out of his rabid hole to start promoting Hollywoodland and his directorial debut Gone, Baby Gone. In fact just last week he was here in L.A. doing the junket for Hollywoodland (which I covered and will be posting soon). During that press conference he took the brunt of the questions (he was with Diane Lane, Adrian Brody, Bob Hoskins), but ‘Sox Fan’ covers areas that no one asked.

The one really interesting admission that was sent in is that Ben said that he plays a small part in Oceans 13 as himself. While I have no idea what that means for the new Oceans film, I really hope in this new one they are not winking at the audience as much as the last one. While I sort of enjoyed Oceans 12, I felt the first one was a much better film. Anyway I am very curious what they have in store in this new one especially since the entire film is being filmed on sound stages at Warner Bros. in Burbank….

Hey Guys,

Not sure if it’s of interest or not, but Ben Affleck was on Boston‘s 1120 WBNW – talking about a new movie he has been filming in the area called “Gone, Baby, Gone”. His brother stars in it, and he directs. Though the conversation was mostly about baseball, Affleck was put on the spot and asked to clear up a few rumors.

– On the rumors that he will play Captain Kirk in the new STAR TREK. He went kinda shy on this one, but did say that “he’s a huge Star Trek fan” and that if he thought he “could do justice to the role”, and he doesn’t know how he could, considering Shatner did such an amazing job, then he would consider it. He said he has spoken to J.J Abrams about it, because he’s friends with his wife, but that’s the extent of it.

– He also there’s no truth to the rumors that he and Matt Damon are remaking “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. He said they may do a film together at some stage, but at the moment, there’s nothing on the books besides a potentially little appearance in “Ocean’s 13” – as himself!

– Said there won’t be a DAREDEVIL sequel. Wanted Kevin Smith to write it, but the studio didn’t want Kevin, so he gave up. He said he’ll be working with Kevin Smith on something “soonish” but failed to say what.

Call me ‘Sox Fan’

As a huge Red Sox fan myself, I say good choice for a name and thank you for writing in.

(Beaks note: This movie sucks.)

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