‘Ben Is Back’ Trailer: Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges Struggle Through Addiction

     October 11, 2018


LD Entertainment, Lionsgate, and Roadside Attractions have released the first Ben Is Back trailer for the upcoming addiction drama. Written and directed by Peter Hedges, the film finds 19-year-old Ben (Lucas Hedges) returning home early from rehab. His mother (Julia Roberts) is thrilled to see him and wants to believe he’s better; his stepfather (Courtney B. Vance) is dubious; and his sister (Kathryn Newton) can’t help but remember all the false promises made in the past. When the family home is broken into on Christmas Eve and the dog is stolen, Ben and his mother go out in search of the person Ben wronged in his past, which in turn gives his mother an unabashed look into his life as a drug addict.

This trailer gives a fine overview of the film, which I saw at TIFF. It honestly doesn’t do this movie any favors that it’s coming out around the same time as Beautiful Boy, another film about addiction but one that offers a candid, painfully truthful chronicle of the cycle of addiction. Ben Is Back, meanwhile, feels more like the Lifetime Movie version of that story, despite swell performances from Roberts and Hedges.

Check out the Ben Is Back trailer below. The film opens in theaters on December 7th.

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