Ben McKenzie Talks GOTHAM at New York Comic-Con; Says They’re Introducing Arkham Asylum in Tomorrow Night’s Episode

     October 12, 2014


Earlier today at New York Comic-Con, I was able to participate in a roundtable interview with Ben McKenzie for Gotham.  On the hit Fox show, McKenzie plays Detective James Gordon, and the show is about his rise through a dangerously corrupt city teetering on the edge of evil while introducing a number of the characters in the Batman universe, including Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler and Poison Ivy.  While all shows take a bit of time to find a rhythm that works, Gotham is loaded with a talented cast and executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (The MentalistRome), so I’m rooting for it.

During the interview, McKenzie talked about why he wanted to take on the role after playing a cop on Southland, how he likes to approach things as an actor, what’s coming up on future episodes, and he reveals that tomorrow night’s episode introduces Arkham Asylum, saying it’s “a major piece of the puzzle as to what’s happening in Gotham.  It starts in episode four and they’ll go into it further later in the season.”  Hit the jump for what he had to say.  Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.

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Ben McKenzie:

  • How is the head feeling?
  • How he’s playing another cop after Southland.  Why did he jump to another gritty cop show?
  • Talks about what he brings to the character of Jim Gordon and who the character is.
  • How does he approach things as an actor now?
  • 4:05 – Talks about the upcoming episodes and says the one airing tomorrow is his favorite of the first four and how they introduce Arkham Asylum.









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