Ben Stiller Video Interview GREENBERG

     March 25, 2010

ben_stiller_01.jpgWith Noah Baumbach’s (The Squid and the Whale) Greenberg finally expanding into more theaters tomorrow, it’s time for me to help promote this fantastic film by posting the video interviews I got to do with the cast.  Tonight I’m posting my interview with Ben Stiller, and tomorrow look for Greta Gerwig and Rhys Ifans.

While the entire cast was great in the movie, it was the script and direction by Noah Baumbach that really got me.  He’s crafted an honest film populated with believable people in real life situations.  The movie actually feels more like a documentary than  a piece of fiction.  Trust me, it’s great cinema and something absolutely worth seeing.

When I got to speak with Stiller, we talked about the tone of the film, filming and walking in Los Angeles (where the movie takes place), and we even discussed Zoolander 2.  I think the interview turned out really well so take a look:

And for more on Greenberg, here are some clips with the synopsis and images.

Ben Stiller

  • I tell Stiller how much I loved the film
  • We talk about how it feels more like a documentary than a movie.  He talks about how they achieved that tone
  • Filming in L.A. and the famous landmarks
  • Ben talks about the way they filmed the movie – tells a great story
  • Walking in L.A. talk
  • Zoolander 2 talk


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