The 14 Greatest Kids Cartoons of the 90s

     July 31, 2020


Without question, the 1990s were full of some fantastic cartoons. The expansion of original programming on cable channels like Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network (and the subsequent competition among all kids-oriented programming blocs) led to a new era of creativity, and animation that started evolving away from the previously ubiquitous Hanna-Barbera style. But what were some of the very best of the best? We at Collider dug into our mind palaces of TV nostalgia to come up with the following list of beloved 90s series, and divided up the results. But first, here’s a look at our methodology:

  • TV shows had to premiere between 1990-1999, and be aimed at a kid-friendly audience (which precludes Beavis and Butt-Head, SouthPark, The PJ’s, etc — look for them to be included in future lists).
  • The shows chosen are ones we both liked and found to be significant in some way to the 90s canon of kids animated TV.
  • But, because of our general ages, there is some bias towards the early 90s (sorry, SpongeBob!)
  • The following list is not ranked in any particular order.

Check out our choices below, and enjoy singing (or humming or reciting) along to the theme tunes for each — we know you know them! (some of which are hilariously bad versions thanks to apparently super vigilant copyright police). Also, don’t forget to add your additional picks, favorites, and memories in the comments.

Note: This article was originally published at a prior date, but has been bumped in order to further highlight Collider’s wide swath of original content.