25 Great 90s Movies That Time Forgot

     June 4, 2020


Everybody has that movie that they love or greatly admire, but no one ever seems to talk about. It’s no wonder. After all, hundreds of movies are released every year; some good, many bad, and a few great, so it’s easy for quality films to slip under the radar and fall into obscurity over the years. Even when 90s nostalgia hits an all-time high it tends to be only around certain agreed upon movie titles that best represent the decade. But as any cinephile or VHS warrior knows, there’s greatness to be found in the cracks.

Thanks to VOD and streaming services it’s easier than ever to access these forgotten gems, and you really should. It’s a blast, and a great reminder that movies mean more than box office and franchising. In putting together this list it became obvious that one way in which the 90s differed from the 80s was a reverberation of the effects of unchecked capitalism and gender roles that Generation X said “no thanks” to and punched the Baby Boomer generation right in the kisser. As such, satire saw a major storytelling comeback, from dirtying up fairytales to tackling the previous generation’s various political scandals.

This list was started by Haleigh Foutch and the like-minded Brian Formo took the template and added a few decades—using an under 10,000 votes criteria from IMDb to unearth some truly underseen flicks for 1970s and 80s themed lists. But with the 90s being the decade that birthed IMDb that criteria wasn’t used to update this list. Most everything here has under 20,000 votes on IMDb but more than half do fall under 10,000. The lone outlier and most still beloved title on this list is one of Haleigh’s all-time favorites and features on of Brian’s go to karaoke joints (by the Violent Femmes) so we’re letting that slide. So, let us go on; 25 of our favorite forgotten 90s movies are below.

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