Here’s Every Aaron Sorkin Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

     October 16, 2020

Here’s the thing: Aaron Sorkin is one of the greatest writers who’s ever lived. That’s not hyperbole. From TV to film to the stage, Sorkin has crafted some of the most eloquent, most charged, and most memorable lines spoken by a cadre of Hollywood’s greatest performers. He’s also prolific, but not to the point of anonymity. You know a Sorkin-written movie when you see one, and out of nine produced feature films he’s written, only one of them is less than “good.” That’s one hell of a batting average.

Sorkin’s latest movie is his second directorial effort, The Trial of the Chicago 7, and it’s available on Netflix starting today. It uses a story from our past (the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests) to talk about the world we live in now, and it does so with Sorkin’s signature crackling dialogue and soaring speeches, but also with some stunning nuance and genuinely cinematic filmmaking.

With Chicago 7 now available, I – as a massive fan of Sorkin’s work – felt it was a fine time to revisit every Sorkin movie made thus far, see how they hold up, and somewhat arbitrarily rank them from worst to best. This ranking is really just an excuse to dig into the diversity of Sorkin’s filmography, and doesn’t even touch upon his stellar work in the world of television. But it is a nice reminder that the guy has written more than one masterpiece and, oddly enough, still has films that feel underrated.

So without further ado, here’s every Aaron Sorkin movie ranked.

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