The Most Anticipated Action Movies to Watch in 2020

     January 23, 2020

If you’re looking for car chases, fight scenes, one-liners and an abundance of beefy bald men in your movies, then there’s lots to get excited for in 2020 — and I’m not just talking about Fast & Furious 9. In the age of tentpole cinema, the action movie has become one of the most enduring forces at the movie theater, whether it’s the Fast family, the latest superhero pic, adventures on the final frontier or in a galaxy far, far away, or whatever flagrant insanity Netflix decides to hurl a bushel of cash at next (a la Bright6 Underground, etc.).

2020 is going to be little different than recent years in cinemas, what with the end of the Infinity Saga and a break in the Star Wars films, but there are still plenty of adrenaline-pounding pictures already on the calendar — and it’s only January. With that in mind, the collider staff put together a list of new and upcoming action movies to watch in 2020, from the usual suspects to the hidden gems.

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