The Best Animated Movies on Disney+

     March 27, 2020


While it’s true that the library of movies available on Disney+ is smaller than some other streaming services, there’s still a robust lineup of films and TV shows to choose from. To help you get to the best of the best, though, we’ve gone through and curated a list of the very best animated movies to watch on Disney Plus right now. These include not only classics from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ history, but also recent hits from WDAS’ resurgence as well as Pixar movies, given that Disney purchased Pixar in the 2000s so Pixar movies are technically also Disney movies.

There’s no lack of iconic films here. What they all have in common is a great sense of humanity, even in stories about talking animals. Indeed, the Disney library is full of profoundly emotional stories that speak specifically to the human experiences. Stories about love, loss, growing up, and of course family.

So find your next viewing option below in our list of the best animated movies on Disney+. For an even larger selection, check out our list of the best movies on Disney+.

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