The 35 Best Animated Series on Hulu Right Now

     July 2, 2020


Animation isn’t a genre, it’s a medium, and we can see that in the wide range of stories that it’s been used to tell for decades. That diversity is showcased by the animated series currently streaming on Hulu, which include very adult comedies, futuristic space Westerns, semi-modern takes on classic characters, and brain-bending drug trips.

The list below spotlights the wild array of programs Hulu is currently streaming, both Hulu originals as well as shows that originated on networks including Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and FX/FXX. There’s some truly brilliant storytelling below — as well as some delightfully silly fun. Also, check out the 40 Best Movies on Hulu Right Now, the Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now, and the 60 Best Shows on Hulu Right Now.