The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Performances You May Have Missed

     November 4, 2019


If you were to make a Mount Rushmore of Hollywood action icons — and, let’s be clear, I think this is an essential, responsible usage of taxpayer money — Arnold Schwarzenegger would undoubtedly deserve a likeness chiseled in stone. While he was born in Austria, the man is the living embodiment of the American dream. He emigrated to America, catapulted to worldwide success first as a bodybuilder, then as an acting icon, then as a freaking governor (sorry, “governator”) of California! Through it all, Schwarzenegger has captured our attention and thensome, anchoring instantly iconic titles like Predator, True Lies, and of course, the Terminator franchise. In celebration of the recent installment in that famous robo-series (Terminator: Dark Fate), let’s leave no stone unturned in Schwarzenegger’s muscled body of work. Even if you consider yourself an Ah-nold completist, you just might have missed these more obscure performances. And that would be a shame — these are the best underrated, unsung, and underseen Arnold Schwarzenegger performances that’ll make you look at the icon in a different light.

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