10 “So Bad They’re Good” Movies That Are Like ‘The Room,’ But Aren’t ‘The Room’

     January 29, 2020


What’s that? You only like watching “good movies”? Hmm. Interesting. I respectfully disagree, but interesting.

You see, I’m a sucker for what you might call “bad movies.” Movies that by no conventional metric are of quality, but manage to reach a new height of entertainment value that seems to vibrate on a separate plane of existence. Movies that buck any kind of measure of effectiveness, inventing their own new rules and filmmaking vocabularies. Movies that prove our puny definitions of “talent” and “craft” are arbitrary, coming in distant places to the winning effectiveness of “making something no matter what.” Movies that are so bad… they’re good.

These types of flicks are catnip for folks looking to kick bad with a group of rowdy friends and laugh their dang butts off, commenting on the lack of finesse on display while earnestly vibing with the genuine joy they’re receiving. And if you want this infectious experience, popularized by shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000, we’ve got 10 flicks that’ll scratch that itch and thensome. However: If you’re at least somewhat familiar with the phenomenon of “so bad they’re good movies,” you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with The Room, the Tommy Wiseau cult classic that became a cross-country sensation and inspired a real-ass movie with the Francos called The Disaster Artist. Long story short: The Room is perfect, go watch it, have a blast. But if you want to dig a little deeper, here are 10 of the best bad movies that aren’t The Room to tear you apart.

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