The 11 Best Breakout TV Performances of 2016

     December 26, 2016


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As many of the lead actors and actresses of this year’s best TV series get the recognition they very much deserve in year-end lists and Best Of rankings (including ours!), that praise can also overlook some excellent supporting players in the same series. In the case of the list below, not all are in supporting roles (Queen Sugar taught us, ultimately, that Charley really was the lead character and even the title one), but they are performers who could be considered up and coming — at least, to U.S. audiences.

These 11 actors (I tried to cap it at 10 but could not cut anyone from this list) also just gave exceptional performances, ones that really made them stand out, which in the era of Peak TV is no easy feat. Some, like Rectify’s Clayne Crawford, have already started to find more mainstream success in a series like Lethal Weapon, and that is a wonderful thing. Each of these actors deserves for you to know their name, especially since in the next few years everyone else will probably know it, too.