Every Non-Thor Chris Hemsworth Performance Ranked, from Worst to Best

     April 24, 2020


In 2011, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Thor, the Norse god of thunder who wields a giant hammer that only the pure of heart can handle. Since then, we’ve seen the star return to Thor numerous times, finding delightful new wrinkles in his comedy and emotional pathos along the way (especially in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame). It’s been a fun and enjoyable journey to go on. But what happens when Hemsworth puts down his hammer, takes off the long wig, and steps away from his most well-known superhero role?

I decided to watch all of Hemsworth’s formative non-Thor roles to see if I could chart what makes the actor so successful — and what, on occasion, makes him so unsuccessful. In my opinion, Hemsworth is brilliant at many modes of screen performance, but I think he works best when he’s either very funny, at the brink of emotional desperation, or both. The rest of Hollywood didn’t always agree with me, though, and it’s been quite interesting to see how filmmakers have used the Aussie to varying degrees of effectiveness. Hemsworth has quite the voice, and this run of his non-Marvel work gives me hope for a future without him as Thor.

Here, now, are the best Chris Hemsworth performances ranked from worst to best — none of which have anything to do with Thor. Let’s get ready to Ragnarok (whoops).

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