Edgar Wright Shares His 100 Favorite Comedies; Rian Johnson Shares His Favorite 70s Musicals

     March 24, 2020


It’s hard not to be a little stir crazy right now. If you’re not practicing social distancing (and you should be), you kind of don’t have much of a choice since everything is shut down (and it should be; there’s a pandemic going on). You may feel like you have exhausted all your viewing options, but fear not! Directors Edgar Wright and Rian Johnson have come to the rescue with some recommendations of uplifting movies to help get you through these dark times.

For Wright, he offered a list of his 100 favorite comedies, and the list contains such gems as Safety Last, Duck Soup, Some Like It Hot, The Graduate, Blazing Saddles, Being There, Airplane!, and more. As for Johnson, his list of 70s musicals has such delightful additions as Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Paradise, and All That Jazz.

What makes these lists so worthwhile is that Wright and Johnson are directors who know their stuff. They’re not just talented storytellers; they have a rich understanding of film history. When they’re telling you the best stuff to see, it’s because they’ve seen so much of the bad stuff that can be easily discarded.

As for where you can find these gems, most of them should be available to rent or spread out across various streaming services. If you need some help, I recommend using the streaming search engine JustWatch. You can also sign up with Letterboxd to help you keep track of which of these movies you’ve watched and which ones still demand your attention.

Click here for Edgar Wright’s list of his 100 favorite comedies, and click here for Rian Johnson’s list of his favorite 70s musicals. Here’s hoping some other great directors also step up to offer up lists of entertaining movies we can watch while we’re stuck inside.


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