The Best Comedies on Disney+ Right Now

     December 6, 2019

Disney+ is chock full of content that can scratch all kinds of itches. You want a Star Wars? You got a Star Wars. Craving Marvel superheroes? Knock yourself out. Need some princesses in your life? Disney Plus is positively saturated with princesses. But what if your particular viewing needs on the Mouse House app aren’t so easily sorted? What if you’re in the mood to laugh, but don’t exactly know how? We’ve got you covered, friend.

Below, we’ve sorted 45 of the best and funniest comedies currently available to stream on Disney+. Many of them fall satisfyingly into the Disney wheelhouse, some of them are quite surprising, all of them will split your sides and tickle your funnybones. Without further ado, please enjoy the best comedies on Disney Plus streaming, oh, I dunno, RIGHT THE HECK NOW!

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