The Best Comedy Movies of 2020 (So Far)

     August 21, 2020


If there was ever a year that needed some good laughs, it’s 2020. Times are tough, we’ve all had an unusual amount of alone time this year, and there’s nothing like a good guffaw to burn off a little stress and make you feel primally connected to something. Fortunately, while many of the year’s biggest blockbusters and highly-anticipated horror titles were pushed back, several of the year’s high-profile comedy movies have already made their way to streaming and VOD.

Like everything else in 2020, it’s been an interesting and unusual year in comedy. There’s a whole lot of genre-bending; comedies that skew towards drama, action-comedies, horror-comedies, and animated funny movies for kids. And then there’s that Will Ferrell movie that made us cry like babies. A strange year indeed.

We sorted through 2020’s comedy releases, from the streaming hits to the straight-to-VOD surprises, and the few that had the chance to screen in theaters, and picked our favorites. Check out the Collider Staff’s best comedy movies of the year below, and if you’re looking for something you can watch right now, head over to the Best Comedies on Netflix and the Best Comedies on Amazon Prime.

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