Best Comfort Movies to Stream for a Mental Health Break

     April 3, 2020


Feeling moody, out-of-sorts, anxious, or zapped of energy in these uncertain times? Do you need to settle in with something pleasant which doesn’t remind you of, well, everything that’s happening just outside your front door? Then you might want to consult this list of selected movies you can stream right now if you’re searching for something comforting to help with your much-needed mental health break.

It seems streaming services of all sorts are a major saving grace right now. With many of us choosing to stay home so we can ensure our own health is in tip-top shape, we’re in need of something good to watch. Netflix’s constantly updating Top 10 rankings show us folks are turning toward romantic comedies, plain ol’ rib-tickling comedies, and feel-good reality TV to help take our mind off the dire side of life. In that spirit, the list of comfort movies assembled here all have one thing in common: They are designed to make us smile, help us (mentally) escape, and give us a reprieve for just a few hours from anything troubling us. From Julie & Julia to Step Brothers to Monsters, Inc. and beyond, this list of comfort movies is here to remind you there are some true gems waiting for you to watch

Below are some movies that will help you escape the reality blues. And if you want even more movie recommendations, why not check out our roundups of the best movies on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO you can watching right now?

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