Top 5 Comic-Con 2015 Hall H Panels: From BATMAN V SUPERMAN to STAR WARS

     July 13, 2015


The whirlwind of Comic-Con 2015 is over at long last, and we here at Collider HQ are in recovery mode. You’ve no doubt noticed a bounty of content on the site over the last few days, as we’ve brought you coverage of films and TV shows both big and small, with a boatload of interviews forthcoming. But the centerpiece of Comic-Con every year is, of course, Hall H—the 6,500-seater room at the San Diego Convention Center in which the entire Avengers cast was brought onto the stage in 2010, and where the walls shook with the screams of fans when Zack Snyder first announced Batman v Superman in 2013.

This year’s slew of Hall H panels was certainly stacked with memorable moments, and while choosing a “Top 5” wasn’t easy, we’ve done just that. Behold, the five best Hall H panels of Comic-Con 2015.

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