Every David Fincher Movie Ranked from “Worst” to Best

     June 17, 2020


David Fincher is arguably one of the most talked-about filmmakers of the past 20 years, so it’s admittedly kind of weird to list his body of work and realize that he’s only made 10 films, one of which was an Alien sequel. Another thing that stands out is the fact that there are no absolute stinkers on the list – on a scale of 1 to 10, I wouldn’t rate any movie he’s ever made lower than a 6. The man does good work, is the point, and we all know the ultimate reward for creating quality art is for someone on the internet to arbitrarily rank that art according to an undefinable metric of personal taste.

That’s right, folks. Being the hero that I am, I decided to rewatch every film in David Fincher’s catalog and rank them from worst (“worst” being an extreme term in this case) to best. It was no small task – nearly all of his films are over two hours long, with a few damn near hitting the three-hour mark, and his work rewards audiences who pay close attention to details over multiple viewings. So while these rankings are by no means definitive, they are 100% correct, because they are mine.

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